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Hundreds of new products, such as clothing, bags and beauty products, made their debut at the consumer electronics Expo

On May 7, the first day of the opening of the exhibition area of the first China International Consumer Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as "consumer goods Expo"), a number of Chinese and foreign brand consumer products ushered in the first show. According to the organizing committee, during the exhibition, international brands will hold 81 first shows and release hundreds of new products, covering dozens of categories such as clothing, bags, beauty products, food, wine, jewelry and diamonds. At this consumer Expo, "Faberg" é Faberge "brand brings a" century of prosperity "egg, ushering in the global debut. The egg is handmade in 18k gold and weighs 10kg. It is reported that the exhibit was customized by Harold's department store and was originally planned to be displayed in Harold's department store on May 17 this year. After the coordinated efforts of the brand side, it was loaned from Harold department store, the owner, and escorted to Hainan from the UK in advance for the first global exhibition at the consumer Expo.

Common trolley case size

There are many sizes of trolley cases, and they are also exquisite in use Common trolley case size: (The dimensions of length, width and height are only reference dimensions. Different brands of trolley case dimensions will be slightly different, mainly based on the sum of the three sides.) 13 inch trolley case size: 28cm*40cm*13cm 16 inch trolley case size: 31cm*43cm*13cm 17 inch trolley case size: 32cm*45cm*18cm 18 inch trolley case size: 34cm*44cm*20cm 20 inch trolley case size: 34cm*50cm*20cm 22 inch trolley case size: 39cm*58cm*24cm 24-inch trolley case size: 42cm*68cm*26cm 26 inch trolley case size: 45CM*67cm*28cm 28 inch trolley case size: 47cm*78cm*28cm 32-inch trolley case size: 53cm*88cm*30cm (free air consignment is limited to China and some Southeast Asian countries, and some European and American countries allow international students to check 32-inch trolley cases) Common boarding luggage size: 20 inches or less is the size that can be carried on the plane (within the international boarding size of 115CM), suitable for one person to travel for about 4 days. A 20-inch suitcase is suitable for one person to travel for about 7 days. A 20-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width, and height of the trolley case must not exceed 115cm. Such a cabin can be carried into the cabin. The most common size design for a 20-inch trolley case is 34×50×20cm. Such a trolley case looks small and exquisite. 22 inches must be checked in, suitable for 1 person to travel for about 7-10 days. 24 inches must be checked in, suitable for 2 people to travel for about 7 days. The 24-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width and height of the trolley case shall not exceed 135cm. This is the standard size of the trolley case for boarding aircraft. The most common size design of a 24-inch trolley case is 60×width 38×thickness 28cm, which is the most used trolley case. Its size is moderate and it can hold the right amount of items, not too much or not too little. The 24-inch trolley case is the most common trolley case and the most suitable trolley case for the general public. 26 inches must be checked, suitable for two people traveling for about half a month. 28 inches must be checked in, suitable for family travelers and Hong Kong shopping families. The 28-inch trolley case means that the sum of the length, width, and height of the trolley case must not exceed 158cm. This is the standard aviation trolley case size for a 28-inch boarding trolley case. The most common size design of a 28-inch trolley case is 70×W48×30cm in thickness, which is a relatively large-capacity trolley case, which is suitable for people who travel for business all year round. 32 inches must be checked in, the same as 28 inches, but only for domestic and some Southeast Asian airlines. If you travel by car, the capacity of 32 inches is unparalleled.

What are the materials of the trolley case?

For contemporary people, traveling or business trips are common, and some people's job is to travel around the world, such as travel experiencers. As an indispensable equipment for travel and business trips, the trolley case plays a pivotal role, not only making it convenient for people to carry all kinds of items, but also allowing all kinds of items to be placed neatly and uniformly, making travel more convenient. Therefore, if you want to have a better travel or business experience, you must choose a good trolley case, especially the material of the trolley case. However, do you know what materials are available for trolley cases? Do you know the characteristics of trolley cases of different materials? ABS plastic ABS plastic is a new type of material. Its main characteristics are light weight, flexibility and rigidity. The trolley case made of ABS plastic is easy to carry, and has good anti-fall and impact resistance, which can effectively protect the internal contents of the trolley case intact. In addition, the surface of the ABS plastic trolley case is easy to clean, and it can be renewed by wiping it with a wet towel. It is a good quality trolley case. However, the surface of the ABS plastic trolley case is very fragile, and it will leave various scratches if you are not careful, which will affect the appearance of the trolley case. Careless people are best not to choose, otherwise you will be impatient in maintenance. PC material PC material, also known as polycarbonate, is the strongest material among all the trolley case materials. The trolley case made of PC material is light in weight, smooth in surface, stylish in appearance, and has the advantages of drop resistance, impact resistance, waterproof and abrasion resistance, etc. It is the most popular trolley case on the market. The trolley case of our MONOS TRAVEL luggage leather goods is selected from Makrolon polycarbonate produced in Germany. The quality is very good, and I recommend you to buy it. Aluminum-magnesium alloy material The aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case has high strength, is not easy to be deformed, strong and durable, and is not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkalis and various acids, is not easy to be damaged, and can effectively protect the safety of the box. At the same time, the aluminum-magnesium alloy trolley case also has a metallic texture, and the appearance is stylish and elegant. However, the trolley case made of this material is of heavier quality, and those with less power are best not to choose. Cortex The leather trolley case has a good texture and feel, and it is a more expensive trolley case. However, the trolley case of this material is not durable and not as strong as other materials, and it is afraid of water, pressure, abrasion, and scratches, and it is not cost-effective. More importantly, the leather trolley case is made of animal skins, which is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy them. If you like leather trolley cases, you can choose artificial PU leather trolley cases. Oxford cloth material The trolley case made of Oxford cloth is wear-resistant and not easy to break. It is suitable for public officials who often take trains and planes on business trips, as well as people who run business. However, there are many trolley boxes made of Oxford cloth on the market. If there are many boxes in stations and airports, it is difficult to distinguish them and easy to pick them wrong.
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