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ABS universal wheel trolley luggage
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ABS universal wheel trolley luggage

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Box size (cm): 20 inches: 35*22*50, 24 inches: 41*26*60, 28 inches: 47*30*70.
Value-for-money price: three pieces (20-inch trolley case, 24-inch trolley case, 28-inch trolley case)
Weight: 20-inch box net weight 2.8 kg, 24-inch box net weight 3.6kg, 28-inch box net weight 4.4kg
Load-bearing: 50 kg items inside can be easily pushed away.

Function Description
Universal wheels: Aircraft wheels, the wheels are very smooth to use, quiet and can be rotated at will, very suitable for long-term travel, and it is very easy to carry a large number of items.
Material: The surface gloss is very good, and the long-distance consignment can also be perfect.
Details: The zipper is smooth, no missing teeth, misalignment, stitched stitches are straight, the upper and lower lines are consistent, pay special attention to the corners of the box, there is no jumper in the corners, the appearance is fashionable and eye-catching, the fabric is scratch-resistant, dust-proof, comfortable handles, and handles No burden, the size and weight meet the needs of users!

How to use password lock
1. The password is set to "000" at the factory and you can keep it for use.
2. Pull out Nazi.
3. Rotate the number to the set number.
4. Return to Nazi, the password is already set, please don't forget it.
5. To reset the number, you must turn the number to the original password state, and then follow the order of methods 1-3.

cleaning method
Please wipe with a damp cloth.

The joint part of this box is equipped with a 7.5cm wide telescopic enclosure,
After opening the zipper, the box expands and the volume is expanded!







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